Payment methods:

Bank transfer

Transfer directly to our SEPA bank account which you will receive by email. Please use only the order number as reason for payment. Your order will be shipped only after we receive the money on our account.


If you want to pay alternatively by cryptocurrency, please contact us for our current address by email: of by contact form . Please specify the cryptocurrency you would like to pay with. It will be shipped only after it is credited to our wallet.

However, please keep the following important points in mind:

Always buy more cryptocurrency than you think you need (about 5% more) to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations.
Sending directly from the exchange is not recommended. This can lead to problems with high fees or longer withdrawal times.
Always store your cryptocurrency on a wallet that you directly control (i.e. you have access to the private keys). An exchange is not a suitable wallet. For example, we recommend Electrum for bitcoin. Ledger or Trezor for altcoin’s.

Do not send cryptocurrency to an expired address. There is a payment grace period of 2 days.
Always send to the unique address generated specifically for the order. Sending to previous addresses will cause significant delays and may result in the loss of the cryptocurrency.
Make sure you send at least the amount requested at checkout. If you send too little, your order will be severely delayed.
If you send too much cryptocurrency, we consider it an indication of our excellent service. We will not refund the difference.
Your order will be updated automatically when the payment is completed.

Please think about it before you send your payment.